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Protect Your PayPal Account by NEVER Opening Paypal Emails

One popular way that hackers are accessing PayPal is through email. Most people already know NOT to click a link in an email for their PayPal mail. Fake emails are supposed to be sent to spoof@
Do NOT ever open emails from PayPal. Do not open mails to see that a transaction occurred. Do not open mails that show you paid or anything. Everything that you need for financial record keeping for PayPal can be accessed directly from the PayPal site. You can print transaction logs directly from the PayPal site. You can print individual receipts from purchases and subscription payments directly from the site.

There is a hacker program that once you open an email, the program automatically retrieves your email password. Without your knowledge, the hacker sends a request to PayPal for lost password. PayPal then sends the new password information to the email. The hacker has your email password and can then automatically retrieve your PayPal password without your knowledge.
Keep the PayPal customer service number available. If an email has been received that the PayPal account has been compromised, it is best to talk to the customer service representatives instead of communicating via emails and on the PayPal site. Some emails state that the account has been compromised so that you will open that email. Once the email is opened it might be too late. These spoof emails are designed to create a panic and get you to click links inside the email. But the info that the hacker needs is given to them as soon as you open the email. Clicking the link just makes their job easier.
Protect Your PayPal Account by Calling Customer Service
If you open an email, call the PayPal customer service immediately. Tell them that your account was compromised. Ask for assistance on temporarily freezing the account until you can secure it again. Get the PayPal staff to help you secure your account.
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