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Peer to Peer file sharing has become one of the most popular way of sharing different contents like movies, songs ,softwares on Internet.Many people don't even realize they are using P2P file sharing while downloading files using limewire or torrent client.

When we download something from a file sharing website or any other website we actually download the file from the website's server using the FTP protocol, now the servers limit the bandwidth, so while downloading the the download speed can't go beyond a specific limit. This is called client server sharing. Downloading from famous sites can be fast but there is always a limit.
Now lets take a look at P2P file sharing.Unlike centralized client-server sharing model P2P uses P2P networking for sharing contents. In P2P networking the users are directly connected to each other without any interference from any servers. All the peers are mostly equally privileged and act both as a client and server (consumer and supplier).

Bit-Torrent Protocol
In recent times the Bit-torrent P2P sharing has become very popular. For using it one needs a bit-torrent client software. In bit-torrent the user that has the full file on his computer which he provides to others is called a Seeder and the users who are downloading the file are called a Peers. Now unlike the
client server model the files are divided in parts which the user downloads from seeders as well as peers. The user can download the parts of file from many seeders and peers simultaneously this tremendously increases the speed. But for fast downloading there should many seeders and peers for that torrent (in short more the seeders and peers more the downloading speed).Due to this the downloading speed can go very high. Torrent Sites like piratebay and isohunt store the torrent files which contains information about the address of trackers (trackers are servers which coordinate the communication between the peers)and health of the torrent. The user have to download this torrent files and open then in their torrent client to start the download. Here are some famous free torrent clients.
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