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5 Factors That Will Keep Your Laptop Battery To Run Longer

After using your laptop for some time, we often notify the laptops charge whether it’s going down very slowly or fastly, if it’s decreasing very fastly then it’s better to assume to say the life of the battery is lessened. So how does this happen? After spending a lot of time researching on these topics I got to know 5 major factors which affects the life of laptop batteries. When we are using laptops, there are always some basic factors affecting the life of the battery. However, this doesn’t mean that these factors will damage the laptop battery. There are many factors which affects the life of a laptop battery, the factors are:
Factor 1: Temperature
If your laptop is in some sorts of different circumstances then the life of your laptop battery is reduced faster than those in normal circumstance. Increased temperature oftenly affects the life of laptop batteries. If the climate is cold, then your laptop battery is going to take longer to fully charge. Increased heat also impacts the particular battery’s capability to transfer power from the batter to the operating system. The best temperature for laptop batteries is between 50 and 82 degrees.

The right operation to install Intel/AMD chip set drivers makes the speed of a laptop quicker, which will extend the life of the battery.
Factor 3: Power source
Always check the connection between the power adapter and your computer’s charging input. If the connection is loosened, then your laptop’s battery will certainly fail to charge.
Factor 4: Age
If the life of your battery in your laptop arrives at the finish of its operating life, it will no longer   needs any more energy from the adapter even it have more strength too. The routines of your PC will tell whether the battery it is worned out or not.
Factor 5: Wireless devices and Bluetooth devices
Those devices will accelerate the use of battery, don’t use wireless, you can disable it in the network and sharing area
After all, if you want to expand or increase your battery life, please pay care to these factors.
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