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How to make your windows computer faster and increase speed?

You might have noticed that sometimes the computer takes a long time to startup and there will be soo many programs running in the background.And this is the reason why your computer slows down and takes up the process cycles.
In order to load your operating system faster and save time and also prevent some viruses to statup at the system booting time (happened to me), then this trick should make your computer run faster and also prevent some viruses from starting at the loading time.Well this tool or software that i am going to explain can control the programs that starts or gets loaded into the computer memory at the booting time and you can configure or unselect some unwanted programs that get started at the booting time.Here are some tips and tricks to follow in order to speed up your computer and increase its performance.

Well follow these simple methods and you will notice considerable increase in your computer speed….
You can increase the computer speed by increasing the page file of your computer.
This is done by going to My Computer -> Right Click -> Properties -> Advanced -> Performance settings
->Advanced settings and there you can change your page file size to be a bit larger.This space will be used by your computer to take up space as a temporary memory for your large programs like for gaming and hence increase the speed.

STEP 1 : Go to START -> Run ->msconfig
STEP 2 : Now you will notice the msconfig box .Now go to the Startup tab and uncheck all the unnecessary programs that you wouldn’t wish to use them.
STEP 3 :In the BOOT.INI tab, change TIMEOUT value from 30 to maybe 2.This will load your computer faster.
STEP 4 : Now Restart the computer and you will surely notice an increase in speed in your computer.

You should always delete your temporary files or junk files stored in the temp folder to speed up your computer.This is done by going to C:Documents and Settings “YOUR USERNAME” Local SettingsTemp (Type in your username in the given path) or go to Run %temp% and in that delete folder delete all the temporary files in it.You can also do this automatically using a software (recommended software : CCleaner)

Disable the search indexing by going to My computer and righ clicking the hard drive and uncheck the search indexing.This frees up the space and these can be used by other programs running in the computer.
You can use a software called ReadyBoost to use your flash drive as a RAM .This space in your pendrive will be used by the computer as a temporary memory which will make it run faster.To enable this go to the pendrive icon and Right Click ->Properties->make my computer run faster.Hence this will use your pendrive as a temporary storage and you will see a noticeable increase in speed and performance of your computer.
Install a anti-spyware software in your computer to protect from spyware that run in background without your knowledge and take up memory in your RAM.
Remove virus and malware in your computer using tools like Microsoft’s Windows Defender. or if you have complicated virus infection in your PC, try using the freeware Quick Virus Remover.
Defragment your computer. Defragementing your computer places similar files together for easy access and less storage space..
Perform the disk cleanup by running the
Start->Programs->Accessories->system Tools-> Disk Cleanup. To delete any unwanted temporary system files or any other garbage files.
If you dont use any software, its better to un install it to gain better computer speed and clean up disk space. For this go to control Panel and Add/Remove programs, and remove all unnecessary programs.
If you want to gain much speed , its better to disable the fancy graphics and themes. Right click on the My Computer icon(not the shortcut), or go to contol panel->system->Advanced tab->settings(Under Performance)->Select “Adjust for best Performance”.
If you want your computer to run lots of visual styles,themes,graphics,fancy icons etc.Go to the taskManager by(Cntrl+Alt+Del) and then under process tab set the priority of the Explorer.exe to high or realtime to gain good visual styles and focus your computer on the graphics.This method is to increase performance of the graphics or the styling and not for ther programs.
Well these will surely increase the speed of your windows computer…Comment if you have more tips and tricks in your  pockets and let us know…
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