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Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO Types

Black Hat SEO- These are aggressive tactics used to gain high search
engines rankings that do not comply with the philosophy of the search
engines. Sites produced with black hat SEO techniques are considered
unethical spam by most web surfers because they provide no real content or
user experience. They basically look like pages of another search engine
or paragraphs of jargon containing keywords instead of real content.


The black hats, on the other hand, simply thinks of "How do I get links to
the site?" They pay no consideration to whether the links provide value to
the visitors and readers. The eventual strategy that emerges usually turns
out to be schemes like link farms and reciprocal link schemes.
Black Hat SEO are all about getting fast results. The method they use to
optimize their websites will often get the website to the top of the
search engines very rapidly, but when the search engines catch-on, the
website will very often crash or get banned.

For a while now, there is a battle going on within the Internet among
marketers that use SEO. Black Hat SEO is to use optimizing practices to
fool the search engines and the use of other traffic generating techniques
that are questionable or unethical.

White Hat Optimization- If you're thinking of using an SEO consultancy to
help your website get listed well on search engines then ask them a few
questions about bad techniques that you've heard of. This will probably be
enough for the unethical website optimization company to take the bait
whereas a good, ethical SEO consultancy will try to talk you out of it and
steer you in the right direction.

White Hat SEO remains more time-consuming, but it yields better long-term
results and has a more positive impact. People prefer to use web sites
they haven't been deceived into visiting, and search engines don't like to
list sites which have manipulated their way to a high ranking. Sites using
white hatted techniques usually don't have to worry about being removed
from search engine results.

The use of key-phrases can also be considered white or black hat as white
hat SEO'rs will use key-phrases in the natural context of a body of text, if
you write your web copy for your visitors and not the search engines you
will achieve better results.

White Hat SEO evolves writing good quality content. Don't try to use
spammy tricks. Deliver great content to your visitors and the search
engines. Don't hide text, or stuff Meta tags with keywords that shouldn't
be there. Make sure your title tag and other Meta tags reflect your page
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