Monday, January 9, 2012 Bot 2012 (100% Working) Bot latest 2012 (100% Working) Bot 2012 (100% Working)

Hi all users, now a days we are having some technical issues,
We thanks all our users for their continued interest and support! ,
ok let it be, the year 2012 is really comes with new challenge and opportunity, we are striving on give our best and serve yourselves as good as we can,

Lets come to the topic we have posted a bot before this, but many user reported us that this isn't working now and asked us for updating that, and we have promised we will come with a working one so this is the new working bot that comes with a current working proxy list ready to go, you can add or remove proxys as you like, there is no limit on how many proxys you can add, this supports custom referrers so thinks the links have been clicked on youtube or your blog or anywhere you want it to show.

There is no limit on number of referrers you want the bot to pick from, and offcourse this version of bot is copletely malware free unlike a couple other adfly bots I have tried.

Click here for Virus Scan

Download here

New Elite bot Proxies



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